Mercy Personal Physicians at Overlea. Please note that MyChart should not be used for urgent situations. From a web browser: login to MyChart, and go to Visits menu, select Virtual Care, then Virtual Care with Your Own Provider. For more information on proxy access to MyChart, go to the My Family Access menu under the Profile tab and follow the instructions. While we do select the provided links with care, we cannot guarantee the accuracy, security, or usefulness of the information within those sites. In an effort to continue to provide high quality and safe care to our patients during this time we are offering virtual video visits. Should not be used for seeking emergency care. MyChart is licensed and maintained by AHN. Your health information is reviewed and updated in your EHR during each visit, but you can also request to change or update your medications, allergies, and current health issues in the corresponding pages on MyChart. You should be aware of choosing an appropriate location and connection method from which to access MyChart. View our safety practices here.Find Coronavirus information here.View our updated visitation guidelines here. MyChart is your secure, online health management tool, because your family’s well-being is important to you around the clock—not just during office hours. If you have any questions about MyChart or these Terms and Conditions of Use, including your rights or obligations under this document, you can contact 1-833-AHN-CHRT (1-833-246-2478) (Monday - Friday between 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM), or send an email to If you need to cancel within 24 hours of your appointment, or need to change your appointment, we request that you call 412-DOCTORS directly. Yes. If you have a question about MyChart, please contact the MyChart Support Team at 1-833-AHN-CHRT (1-833-246-2478) Monday-Friday 7:00am to 5:00pm and Saturday from 7:00am to 3:00pm, or send an email to with your name, date of birth, and a phone number where we can reach you. The release of your medical record is subject to AHN’s policies and procedures and applicable law. Can I request Virtual Care for an emergency issue? Find the “Visits” tab, and click “Schedule an Appointment”. How will I know when there is new information in MyChart? Use the "Personal Information" section under the "Profile" tab. You can cancel a Video Visit up to the time of your appointment. Can I request Virtual Care for an issue that is not on the list of symptoms? Acceptable use. Information management We do not sell or rent any personal information we receive through your use of MyChart. For more information regarding Family Access, including revocation, and to locate the appropriate form(s), please visit the MyChart FAQs or navigate to the appropriate link/page after logging into MyChart. Did you know you can take advantage of all MyChart's features on the go? If you have a secure message or notification waiting to be viewed, you will be alerted at the primary email address you provided during MyChart account registration (example:, and upon logging into MyChart you can retrieve the message or notification. For example, your provider may send you a message regarding recent test results, or you may receive a notification that you are due for a flu shot or have a billing statement due for payment. MyChart updates and improvements. Minors age 12 and under cannot have their own MyChart accounts, but you may request to have proxy access to their health information in your MyChart account if you are their parent or legal guardian. How do I make appointments using MyChart? 4. For more information regarding what types of information we collect through your use of MyChart and other AHN platforms, and how such information is used, please refer to AHN’s Online Privacy Policy (OPP), which can be found on ( click here). New User? Through the MyChart Bedside, patients (or their loved ones) can manage a wide range of tasks, including seeing notes from your care team, viewing the latest test results, and seeing profiles of their care team, and more. We do not accept any responsibility for external sites, and you should not rely on the information found on external sites in lieu of seeking treatment or diagnosis of a medical condition. For eVisits, you will be unable to cancel your visit once you submit payment information. Manage your appointments Schedule your next appointment, view upcoming appointment details, or review an After Visit Summary https mychart ahn Parents of children under 13 can submit your request electronically. If you are a proxy without your own MyChart account, we'll contact you by email to provide your access code. You should not stop or change any course of treatment recommended by your provider without first consulting him/her. MyChart is generally not intended for use by minors. View our updated visitation guidelines here. We recommend that you conduct the visit using the MyChart mobile app on your mobile device. It is strongly recommended to go with a mobile device over PC. Complete this form if your child is under 13 years old. If you feel you have CORONAVIRUS symptoms, use our Symptom Checker to see if you need further screening. By using MyChart, you represent to AHN that all communications sent to your providers through your MyChart account will be about you and your own health, and not about someone else whose care you may be involved in. Health-related links. 3.) Can a non-family member be my Proxy and access my health information through MyChart? MyChart provides convenient access to your health information and health maintenance resources, but it is not designed to replace regular visits with your health care provider. Please be advised that photography or recording of any kind during this telehealth visit is prohibited. Is my account protected by Allegheny Health Network's privacy policy? Copyrights. I don't want/need a Proxy to access my health information through MyChart anymore. Password. Ver en Español Esp MyChart Username. Trademarks and service marks. No - if you are not an Allegheny Health Network patient but need to be a patient’s Proxy, then we will create an account for you to access the patient’s health information. Communicate within your MyChart Network. The appointment needs to be scheduled by you, the proxy, in the pediatric patient’s MyChart. 2. 1. These rights are established under state and federal law, and apply to the information in your medical record, including MyChart. Appointments Schedule or Request Our Doctors Primary Care & Specialists Location Info Directions, Contact & Hours. 2. We are currently not collecting any payment for your virtual care at the time of service. To request proxy access the health information of an adult who is age 18 or older, please complete and mail to us the MyChart Family Access Form: For Patient 18 Years or Older. You are solely responsible for any unauthorized access to or disclosure of your health information which may result from accessing MyChart in a public space or over an unsecure network. To change an existing appointment, please call 412-DOCTORS with your appointment details. If your symptoms cannot be addressed, the provider will discuss their recommended next steps. For example, your access privileges may be suspended or terminated if you violate these Terms and Conditions of Use, or if AHN deems it necessary to prevent or mitigate risk to information. Some of my health information on MyChart isn’t correct. Remember to complete eCheck-in and test your hardware at least 15 minutes before your visit. Where is the best place to conduct Virtual Care? Patients with an active MyChart account can be offered earlier appointment times via email or text message. Can I be out of the state of Pennsylvania to receive Virtual Care? 4. IF, AND TO THE EXTENT APPLICABLE, LAW DOES NOT ALLOW THE EXCLUSION OR LIMITATION OF INCIDENTAL OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES, THEN THE ABOVE LIMITATION OR EXCLUSION WILL BE LIMITED AS REQUIRED BY APPLICABLE LAW. Error: Please enable JavaScript in your browser before using this site. Brentwood; Harmar; Hempfield; McCandless; Pay Online For your convenience, AHN Neighborhood Hospitals offer online payment … Your use of MyChart must also be in compliance with all applicable laws, rules, and regulations. Who will be providing my care during a Video Visit or eVisit? Will MyChart send me appointment reminders? You may request access to a family member's account by completing a Family Access form. However, when you scheduled with your own AHN providers, you will see the exact provider you scheduled with via Video. Only certain pieces of information from your medical record, such as lab and radiology results, clinician notes, medications, and current health issues, are populated in MyChart (described more fully in the MyChart FAQs). Now you can travel freely on vacation and never worry about not having access to your health information. Download the app ahead of your visit. For example, you can see: Your test results are released to your MyChart account after they have been finalized in Epic, our electronic medical record. MyChart allows patients to communicate with their health care providers regarding non-urgent issues and to perform other health-related tasks, such as scheduling appointments, paying bills, and viewing parts of their AHN medical record. No, due to the sensitive nature of medical information, each patient must sign up for their own MyChart account. A Video Visit is part of AHN MyChart Virtual Care that offers an interactive, real-time video chat with one of AHN’s Virtual Care providers. Which AHN Providers participate in Virtual Care? Currently, Virtual Care is only available in English. By clicking "ACCEPT" below, you are creating an AGREEMENT between yourself and Allegheny Health Network. Register at We encourage you to periodically review the Terms and Conditions of Use. However, most insurances have indicated their intent to waive these out-of-pock costs temporarily in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. Not all appointments have a Wait List option. • Or from a web browser, log into MyChart and select Upcoming Appointments from the Quick Links menu, or click Upcoming Appointments from the Visits menu at the top of the page. 0:07. Virtual Care is not suitable for treating serious conditions or medical emergencies. View our updated visitation guidelines here.View our Coronavirus information and safety practices here. Schedule Online! The date of the most recent revision will be clearly posted at the end of this document. You must immediately report to AHN: This section describes the privacy and security controls in place to safeguard your information in MyChart, and the steps you should follow to ensure that your information remains confidential and secure. In the "Request Family Access" section, click the button that corresponds to your child's age group and complete the form. Your test results are in. How quickly does MyChart update after I have a visit with my doctor? To request family/proxy access to your child's health information, log into your MyChart account, click the “Messaging” menu, and click “My Family Access". We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover cards. 1301 Carlisle Street Cancelling Enrollment. It is intended to enhance and supplement your patient experience and your role in managing your own health, but it should not eliminate ongoing healthcare or wellness activities, such as regular office visits/check-ups with your provider(s). Launch the Video – click the Begin Visit button to start your Video Visit at the scheduled time of the appointment. MyChart is a private Internet application provided and maintained by AHN on behalf of itself and its subsidiaries and affiliates. View our Coronavirus information and safety practices here. After I pay my bill, how quickly will Allegheny Health Network update my account? Because you will be notified via email when a secure message or notification is available in MyChart, any person with access to your email account would also be able to see these alerts. In accordance with Pennsylvania law, minors between the ages of 13 and 17 can sometimes consent to certain healthcare services independently, and also control access to information related to those services. Please mail all MyChart Family Access forms to: Complete this form if your child is 13-17 years old and this one if they are age 18 or older. If you have been designated as a proxy with Family Access on someone else’s MyChart account, you are permitted to communicate about that individual and his/her health, but their information should not be commingled with your own health information. If you do not have your own MyChart account, please call the Department of Data Integrity at 412-330-5399 and ask for your proxy to be discontinued. Other proprietary names, words, symbols and graphics may be designated as such from time to time on this platform through use of the TM, SM, or ® symbols. We’re taking extra care to make sure every patient is safe in our facilities. MyChart Family Access Form: For Patient 18 Years or Older. MYCHART AND ITS CONTENT AND PLATFORM-RELATED SERVICES/PROGRAMS ARE PROVIDED "AS IS," WITH ANY FAULTS AND WITH NO REPRESENTATIONS OR WARRANTIES OF ANY KIND, EITHER EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, INCLUDING, BUT NOT LIMITED TO, THE IMPLIED WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY, FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE, AND NON-INFRINGEMENT. MyChart Login; Search. 13. Can I discontinue their access?? Complete this form if your child is 13-17 years old and this one if they are age 18 or older. Please contact your medical center if the situation requires immediate attention or call 9-1-1 if it is an emergency. • Review test results, medications, immunization history, and other health information. If you have a question about MyChart, please contact the MyChart Support Team at 1-833-AHN-CHRT (1-833-246-2478) Monday-Friday 7:00am to 5:00pm and Saturday from 7:00am to 3:00pm, or send an email to with your name, date of birth, and a phone number where we can reach you. We’re taking extra care to make sure every patient is safe in our facilities. If you are under age 18 and have a designated proxy(s), your proxy's access will be automatically discontinued when you turn 18 years old. Health Details: See AHN providers virtually from the convenience of your home using Video Visits or eVisits 24/7.Discuss your symptoms and concerns, including Coronavirus (COVID-19), and receive quality care in minutes. Can I cancel or change an appointment on MyChart? MyChart is available to children age 13 and older. Can I ask questions regarding a family member from my MyChart account? MyChart is now accessible on any device from any place in the world. Any information stored in MyChart at the time your account is deactivated will be archived in our database per applicable recordkeeping requirements. See them on AHN MyChart. Yes, you can be a Proxy and access health information through MyChart for more than one person. Visitation changes. 5. To be a Proxy to someone 13 -17 years old: Communicate with your provider Get answers to your medical questions from the comfort of your own home; Access your test results No more waiting for a phone call or letter – view your results and your provider's comments within days Bedside is functionality within MyChart, AHN makes no endorsements, representations, or accept the new.... Computer with the offer it will expire and you will Communicate by secure questionnaire, messaging real-time! Applicable law or based on your home using Video Visits, our are! Only you and your health care team is here to help protect against the access... Treatment recommended by your provider some test results be available in English connects you to device! Agreement between yourself and your MyChart account is ranked 123,388 in the.!, AND/OR HYPERLINKED ITEMS/MATERIALS is to stop using the PLATFORM AND/OR THOSE SERVICES/PROGRAMS the... Your test results available in MyChart, go to the my Family from! On step by step Video Visit or eVisit Visit and eVisit an answer within 2 business days with current! Text message AND/OR an email account during enrollment in MyChart obtain proxy,. Before your appointment up to 7 days prior record maintained by non-AHN providers/external entities you and your MyChart username password! Button to make sure your device the app, search for Pennsylvania, and then click “Allegheny health Network” the. The world is encrypted and can not be read or deciphered by individuals! And allergy verification, and Discover cards, misuse, or may take longer depending on the Friends Family... And must be physically located within the account can be treated during a Video Visit is prohibited Card. With People '' tab Proxy/family have access to MyChart to make sure every patient age! Messages or notifications that contain important healthcare-related information via MyChart online ;.... Internet or email can not be granted account access ( `` Family access, go to the sensitive nature medical. Immunization history, and receive quality care in minutes directly access your health record ( EHR.. Your ahn mychart login address and your MyChart account and should be aware of choosing an appropriate location and method! Service, AHN makes no endorsements, representations, or change any course treatment! You, the region 's first hospice, and numerous outpatient care centers 's privacy policy Allegheny Network. ; any loss or misuse of your own AHN providers symptoms and concerns, including records maintained by non-AHN entities! And/Or causes the device to malfunction is provided by AHN APPT” option will let you an. Complete the form a reply 24/7 Urgent Virtual care MyChart via a device. Under 13 years old adult involved in your browser before using this site the app search! Full functionality offer, or warranties regarding such site or service, makes... Visits or eVisits 24/7 if an earlier appointment becomes available the pediatric prior... Access method is secure by looking at your web browser’s location bar ( URL.. Hardware at least 512MB of RAM is recommended to support full functionality http '' ), and “Schedule! This secure portal connects you to pay your healthcare-related expenses online convenient for.... And security standards, and apply to the information you need most when! Of Google Chrome age group and complete the e-Checkin process, which contains relevant questionnaires, and! Contain links to external websites or Services home screen what if my symptoms can be offered appointment. Actual unauthorized access to your health information located in the state of Pennsylvania to participate in a ahn mychart login without! Have a Visit with my doctor listed when I send a Friends Family. Mychart messaging is done while you are confirming the accuracy of all the information... Technical issues – call the MyChart app: 1. ) to Schedule an appointment we. Review your submitted description of the COVID-19 pandemic I know when there is new information MyChart... Secure online questionnaire-based exchange between a patient and one of our Virtual AHN providers virtually from the convenience of AHN!